Advantage Play Workshop

what: how both sides work

theme: longevity > short term EV

*In order to keep attendance low I’ve added a second, smaller, 1-day workshop on Sunday, November 10th, in addition to the one on Saturday, November 9th* Saturday start time 12p, Sunday start time 2p

On November 9th and November 10th I will be having 1-day advantage play workshops in Las Vegas focusing on the art of holecarding, team play (applicable to all AP techniques) and in depth surveillance information. If you’re only interested in 1 of the topics, and whether you’re a pro, want to be a pro or just a weekend warrior who never gets kicked out, the knowledge will gain you an extended shelf life and make you more money, guaranteed. Operating with a mindset of longevity over short term EV will be emphasized throughout.

(end sales pitch here)

I’ve been a pro gambler for 18 years and I still play full time. For 6 years I ran my own team (Team Brown). My crews and I have taken over $10 million from casinos most of which was won playing holecards. I read the game and I run the table, that’s my job. Learn more about me here.

Along with me will be a surveillance expert. He’s a well of unbelievably good information. I would pay for his knowledge, and I have.

Topics will include;

  • Surveillance information networks

  • Facial recognition

  • Communication within the casino

  • Communication between casinos

  • Notes on player cards

  • Surveillance software

  • What exactly surveillance and the casino are looking for

And on and on…

His credentials;

  • 15 years experience in surveillance in multiple jurisdictions

  • 10 years in surveillance management positions

  • Personally created procedures to eliminate holecarding threats, among other advantage play techniques

  • Part of the opening team for multiple major casinos

  • Has attended countless gaming conferences and seminars including The World Game Protection conference 9 times and as recent as 2019 and attended the “Protecting The Games” academy presented by the NV State Gaming Control Board

  • Has presented at The World Gaming Conference as well as multiple training seminars

He’ll talk on numerous topics focused around casino surveillance and there will be a Q&A where he will answer specific questions.

Ok, back to me.

I’ll teach you the ins and outs of holecarding both blackjack and carnival games.

I’ll show you how to

  • find a game,

  • read the game

  • run the table

  • bet the game

I’ll demonstrate every type of dealer I’ve ever played.

I’ll also show you how to physically maneuver the game.

No, you do not need great eyes. Yes, you can be tall.

Your closest casinos don’t have hand dealt blackjack? No problem.

 I’ll also talk about:

  • Team play; running a team and being a member of one

  • Cover

  • Signaling

  • Money

  • Travelling

  • Aliases

  • Open communication

  • Optics aka “what you’re putting out there” (this is so important and so overlooked)

  • Competition

  • Getting rated

  • Heat

What else?

  • How not to get backroomed.

  • What to do when you get backroomed anyway.


You will not be notified of the exact location of the workshop until 1 hour before (start time will be 12p on Saturday and 2p on Sunday). No bags, at all. No backpacks, fanny packs, purses. Nothing. No recording devices. You’ll have to empty your pockets before you go in and we will wand you with a metal detector. The only items allowed on your person are cash, ID and credit card. Phones are not allowed. Either leave your phone at home or turn it off and put it in a box with the other attendees. I’ll wrap it up for safe keeping, gently place it in a box and put the box in the front of the room so everyone can keep an eye on it. Seriously, no phones. If you bring keys with you, they will need to be placed with your phone in the box. Pen and paper will be provided. If you’re not okay with this, don’t register. If it appears like you are secretly recording we will call you out.

Whatever name and contact information you choose to give when registering will be kept confidential. The details of your attendance will be kept confidential. Completely.

Casino Employees

Here’s the deal. The surveillance expert has been around for 15 years. He’s been to workshops and has commiserated with other surveillance personnel, casino employees and casino consultants. If a casino employee, consultant, gaming company employee, or any of their affiliates shows up and either one of us recognizes them even if they are no longer affiliated with a casino, they won’t be let in. They won’t be refunded and they’ll be turned away.



$500 deposit to reserve a spot. I have PayPal and CashApp accounts set up. You can tell me your name or pay anonymously. Your name and/or handle will be kept confidential. I am not taking Bitcoin right now, this may change.

Request more information here. You can also e-mail me at

To keep attendance low, I’ve split the event into two 1-day workshops. Currently there are still some spots left on Saturday, November 9th, starting at 12pm and a bit more availability for Sunday, November 10th, starting at 2pm. The number of people in the room will be such that if someone asks a question they can easily be heard.

After registering and/or paying the full $2100 you’ll have until October 25th to cancel and get a refund.

No refunds after October 25th.

The total cost of $2100 needs to be submitted by October 30th or you risk losing your spot and your deposit. I’ll email you updates to keep you aware of occupancy levels.

We don’t have plans to do this workshop again.

What You Won’t Learn

  • Other advantage play techniques. I’m sticking to teaching holecarding only. However the team play information as well as heat, cover, optics, etc etc can be applied to any move from counting to more skilled plays and the surveillance information will benefit all casino edge seekers.

  • The law. We won’t give any legal advice. We’ll tell you what could happen or might happen or has happened and we will give you our educated opinions but nothing should be considered legal advice.

  • Opinions or information on other players. We aren’t going to comment on anyone else in the AP community and what they do or don’t do.

  • Published strategies. I won’t be passing out copies of strategies from Beyond Counting.  

Random Note To Females

Besides myself I don’t know any other girl who decided independently that she would learn how to beat the casino. There are of course skilled females but they were almost all brought in by a guy. What’s my point? When a girl is brought in by a guy the dynamic usually starts out as him being the teacher and her being the student and it seems to always stick. Rarely does the female take the lead. Being a skilled female advantage player of any kind has valuable, unique benefits. This little footnote is here to encourage any female who might want to learn to be a better advantage player to sign up. Skilled females are a hot commodity.