The title of this site says "Gambler." You'd think I'd write about gambling then wouldn't you?

Fooled ya.

Gambling... Let's see. 

Sometimes I just want to take a break for a minute and rest my feet.  It seems like any time I sit down at a slot machine, someone wants to play that exact machine.  There might be a row of 30 empty slots, but the patron always wants mine...and I never say no.  I always just roll my eyes and get up. And then I feel bad about being rude and rolling my eyes.

That's the kind of story you wanted, right?

Well I slow rolled someone for the first and most likely last time in my entire life.  It was online. The villain check raised me all in on the turn and I waited until my timer was almost out to call with the nuts. If I had to be truly honest as to why I did it, I'd tell you it's because the person who it was against tilts the hell out of me. Their mannerisms irk me, everything about them irks me.  So yea I did it, I slow rolled them.  It was a dick move, I'll admit it.  

I haven't finished a book front to back in a while.  My attention span was shot for a bit but now I think it's back.  I finished Flash Boys in a day. The book is sort of about how the stock market is rigged; how people with very slightly faster information can fuck those without it. Good read, I recommend it if you're at all into the market and any of the other Michael Lewis books (Moneyball, Liar's Poker, The Blind Side.)

I think I don't write about poker as much lately because it hasn't been as exciting this last year as it used to be.  I'm playing smaller and not nearly as many hours.  I've had only one 5 figure day in a long time.  It's just been meh.

In my mind I live in the past a lot.  I'm trying hard to stop this, but it's not easy. I figuratively kick myself on the daily for not having done things differently or for not having simply done more with my time.  And it's happening in the present, I know it.  I should be doing more but I'm not.  I should be playing more, learning more, doing more, writing more, going places more, etc etc etcetera! I need to be taking advantage of the freedom I have.  I should be and need to be moving.  Move or die.

I'm going to go take a bath.