if I had...for every time

A friend of mine was once interested in moving to Nashville and asked me to go with her to check it out. We were downtown on Broadway hopping bar to bar when we walked into an empty spot with a young unknown singing.  We weren't even fans of country music, but he stopped us in our tracks.  He had star quality beaming off of him.  It was, I kid you not, magical.  

We were the only people who sat and watched his whole set.  After the show we met up with him and his guitarist.  They lived in Nashville and like everyone else, they were trying to "make it."  We had no doubts that they would. 

We spent the entire night with them and ended up at someone's house having a sing-a-long into the early morning.  It was a great way to experience Nashville.

A year or so later, the singer released an album and had a song on country radio.  We were thrilled for him. When we found out he was going to make a stop in Vegas, we knew we had to go. 

His show was in a small room at Boulder Station casino.  

Here we go!



What a disappointment.  It was contrived.  It was stiff.  It kinda sucked.

What happened to his magic?   Did the record label suck him dry?  He still had a great voice but the shininess had worn off.  The songs were awful, without soul.  Who would ever now know how good he really was?

After the show my friend and I still excitedly approached him and his same guitarist we spent that enchanted night with in Nashville.  Neither of them knew who we were.  Nope.  No clue.

His video below has over 9 million views.  NINE MILLION.  It's not good.  At all.  It's sad, kind of a joke really.  It appears though that I am in the minority here but It just doesn't touch upon this guy's greatness, because he was great, for at least one forgettable night in Nashville.