imagine all the people

I'm thinking about having a party at a roller rink.  Old school skates only. The theme!?  Emo/Hip Hop


The dress code would be strictly enforced; tight black skinny jeans and over sized watches for the guys. Girls need not attend without huge hoop earrings, nails to the nines and at least one tattoo (real or fake) of an unpopular emo band that they complain has gone too mainstream.


A bad ass attitude mixed with an abnormal lack of eye contact is expected and if any girl or guy need to hit up a dark corner for a good cry, feel free. Emo overload is not frowned upon. On the contrary party goers will be expected to make it rain during the couple skate.


Those over-sized black framed glasses that basketball players are required to wear during press conferences are encouraged, equally fashionable on both sides of the aisle.