15,000 words ago I started writing a book.  Now here I am.

At my house.

I wrote a lot and every time I tried to read it back I fell asleep.  So I sent what I had to a couple of friends and after they woke up they were all like, "Hey Gina, ummm,"  The consensus was I should try and write it more like I write this blog instead of a bedtime story.

So I re-vamped it and I'm actually pretty happy with what I've got so far.  I've got the beginning and most of end down, the middle is a bit shoddy.

It's hard man, writing a book.  And after you've written it, then what?  You either self publish it or shop it around and either way it's a ton of work.  Yet it feels like everyone is doing it.  And I can only imagine that 99% of people who write a book think that theirs is brilliant.  Like who the hell am I?

"I was broke, then I gambled, then I had all the money, then some stuff happened, then I lost the money, then I gambled some more, then I had all the money, then some other stuff happened, then..."

Brilliant much?

I did add hookers and jail within the "stuff happened" parts.  So there's that.

I don't know, I'm writing a book and I'm going to publish it by next year.  There I said it, now I have to do it.

The internet told me I only need 1,000 loyal followers online to have a solid start when I begin marketing.  So if all of you would tell 332 of your closest friends I should be set.