this is what I do

I have a boyfriend that I never mention in the hope that I can keep my street cred but he's on to me. What up now, bro? I see you.


Lately, we've been practicing handshakes. I didn't realize how many there are and so far I've only barely got down the "West Coast" shake, the "Cleveland" shake, the "Cleveland and if you're tight with the guy" shake, the "business" shake, and the Japanese "not sure if we should shake or bow" shake.




I was watching the movie Filly Brown the other day while I was riding stationary at the gym and it was without exaggeration like watching my own life unfold before my eyes. Filly is a Latina rapper and her moms (not mom, on the street they say "moms") is in jail. She needs money to try and get her out .... She gets involved with the wrong people and I don't want to ruin it but I'm thinking about taking legal action. Lou Diamond Phillips plays her Dad. My Dad is Lou Diamond Phillips! Similar much? The movie got me. I'm not going to say I started crying on the bike but I'm not going to say I didn't.


And speaking of crying, I'm playing OFC all the time that it's becoming a serious problem. I play on my iPad everywhere; the gym, the spa, red lights. I spend hours on the couch playing and watching awful movies (Touchy Feely, not good, don't watch it). I started playing really long sessions with 2 guys I met through the app. They keep winning. I hate them.  They invited me over for a home game, ironic enough and the bf and the bff went with me. I won (F U guys). But the whole situation got me thinking that the app can be used as an online dating tool for degenerates.