2 for the show

My notepad of “thoughts” is getting long. I could easily make each one of the below its own post; one of my superpowers. But instead I’ll throw 5 thoughts out there manically and if anyone wants more detail you all know where to find me.

1. I used to work with a guy who once dated Markie Post of Night Court fame. Once as in 20, maybe 25 years past from the time he told me which was also 20 years ago. 

markie 2.jpg

We weren’t watching the show.  Nobody casually brought up what a great show Night Court was, and it was.  He just told me he dated her and I imagine him now throwing back a Heine at the local vp bar telling his neighbor that he dated Markie Post.

2. I started a “What I’m Up To” page. Magical content.

3. I went to see a lawyer (not Markie) and the paralegal asked me what I do for a living. It went like this:

Paralegal – “What do you do for a living?”

Me – “I gamble.”

Paralegal – “Do you play Keno? I love Keno.”

Me – “I don’t but a lot of people love that keno. Doesn’t cost much to sit there a while.”

PL – “You should play you can win if you know what patterns to play.”

Me –

PL – “You just have to know the patterns blah blahhhh (I zoned out) blaaah I always lose.”

4. Oh you guys! This conversation with the secretary at my kid’s school was much better (Iast one was weak get off my back):

Sec – “So what do you do for a living anyway?”

Me – “I gamble.”

Sec – “Oh my gosh do you see the cards?”

Me – (legitimately interested in this conversation now) “Umm, yeah?”

Sec – “I’m learning and sometimes when I see a lot of aces I tell the table not to bet and the dealers always look at me funny.”

Me – “Oh, okay. Good luck.”

This blog post is almost over I swear.


5. There was an episode of Catfish in which the catfish was met by the girl he was duping in a sort of small, crusty bingo hall, or something. There may have been pull-tabs.  You guys, I don’t know exactly but there was gambling involved and he was the youngest person there by 70 years.  So Nev and Max and this girl walk in, find him and he explains to them what he does there. He watches for the progressives for whatever game had progressives, and when they got to a certain point he’d play and win.  He was taking advantage of the games being offered at this depressing joint with these senior citizens and wait, here is the best part; Nev and Max and the girl, they were NOT impressed!  They thought he was weird.  Ummm, little genius in the making is what he was.

That’s all I got today. I mean not really my silly little notepad is full but I’m tired and I have to work and well I don’t remember speaking to anyone today so I figured I’d get it all out here in me blog.

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