b & b

I went to make a bet in the sports book, because I’m super sharp, and the clerk tried to get me. I gave him the bet number and he slyly asked, “Oh what team is that for?”

Instead of being fast on my feet and saying, “Why you in my shit?” I said, “Oh, Marlins.”

The guy can see exactly what I bet when he punches it in.  He thought he was going to expose me as a newbie runner.  I’m the brains behind my operation, bro! Tsk.

Since our last meeting, a few days ago, when I wrote that scathing review of my progress getting a literary agent, I’ve had an agent request my manuscript.  Like, from a legit agency.  It went like this…

Me – send a query letter

Him- request more

Me – send more

Him – “Thanks!”

Thanks with an exclamation point!!!  Basically, I’m in. Who sends an exclamation point without the intent to sign a deal?  Business 101, people.

Today was a get-things-done kinda day.  I made lots and lots of calls to people trying to figure out how much I owe here and there.  I don’t do direct-pay or bank draft or whatever it’s called when businesses automatically take money from your bank account every month.  When they over-charge you, which is like so often it’s insanity, it’s hard to get the money back.  So I tediously go through my bills every month and pay them one by one.  Sometimes I even mail a check.  And when I get over billed, I call and won’t pay till they get the amount right. 

How lame was that last paragraph though?  I’m blogging about paying bills.  That’s just the kind of day it was.  Bills and sweating the Marlins.

I'm putting this video up because it was "recommended" to me by YouTube.  It has 35 million views and I, up until earlier today, was not one of those views.  In the spirit of sharing, I leave it here for all of you.