Guys, you probably wonder what I do all day, given that I don’t update this blog that often.  What possibly could I be so busy doing?

I’m a hustler, baby. 

So why don’t you kill me?

Something like that.

I started hustling slots late last year.  I really didn’t like that term, “hustler,” because honestly it sounds dumb.  But it’s what all the people doing it call all the other people doing it, so “hustler” it is.

My main competition are Asians and old white men.  Most of them are grimy.  At least at the level I’m at.  Also, most hustlers are broke and can barely afford to hustle. 

It’s an odd game.

What is slot hustling?  Honestly, it's a lot of things.  What it is not is glamorous.  My day consists of a lot of driving and walking many, many steps.  My step counting app has me close to 10k a day.


Oh, yea that.  It’s finding advantageous slot machine situations.

No shit.

Seriously though, that’s what it is.  There are a dozen different situations that can arise, but it’s pretty boring and given who my peers are I don’t really feel super cool about it, except being called a hustler, that's cool.

How did I get into such a neat gig, you ask.  Well, in recent times casinos started installing skill based slot machines.  And when I read about them I thought, oh cool a new move.  So I found a guy on Twitter that openly tweeted about beating these skill slots, I asked him to meet me and show me, and he was kind enough to do so.  In my advantage play career I have NEVER come up with an original move, ever.  I’ve either learned through books, message boards, or seeking out people who were good at a move and having them teach me.

I met said hustler and he showed me how to beat the Space Invaders slot machine.  And with that, I became more interested and starting hunting down more information online about beating other, different kinds of slots.  I’m generally determined when it comes to this stuff, and I was able to find enough info (besides Space Invaders) to get me started.  I also found more Twitterers, who were cool enough to answer my noob questions in DM.

Oh, and I also made friends with a dad in my son’s play-group who was on the slot hustle too, because this is Vegas and that’s what you talk about at play-date.  He and I have been exchanging info ever since.  Considering most hustlers are broke and grimy, I got lucky to be in a network with this dad and the guy that showed me how to beat Space Invaders.  Exchanging info is so helpful.  We even have a super neat group chat.

So that’s it, I’m hustling slots.  Part-time.  The rest of the time I’m hanging out at the playground with my kid, or watching Paw Patrol.