I went for a haircut.  Just a trim. I was under the influence (I have a bad back, really) and I instead adventurously asked the stylist to give me what she was having.  As in her haircut.  She did.  And it may not have turned out how either of us expected.

The problem is I don’t look anything like this cute, little, pixie of a woman.  I went straight home, took scissors to my tress and tried to undo what could not be undone.

Snip. Snip.

Sounds more like a vasectomy.  I might give someone a vasectomy with this haircut.

I’ve been taking Pilates everyday on the regular at 10am.  There is an Einstein Bagels in walking distance from the studio. 

Guess where I am at 11:05am everyday. 

Today there was a guy standing at the register, not ordering and talking on his cel phone.  He wasn’t taking his friend’s order on the other line either.  He stood up there a couple of minutes before I got beside him and gave him a sideways glare.  He ended up ordering and walking to the bagel waiting area. I followed.

He got his to-go order and left without incident. I got my two bagels, presented to me in two separate carriers as if there were two people in my party and proceeded to sit down and eat them both.

I felt a lot of pressure today to pump out one of my Picasso's but I suspect this will end up in the preschooler's doodle category.  Next blog I’ll include a top of the line gambling story, promise.