don't you think

My first AP move was sitting outside of the grocery store on a mechanical merry-go-round and waiting for other kids to put their quarters in, which would make every horse on the merry-go-round move, not just theirs.  I clearly remember one set of parents, on to what I was doing, pull their child away and say something about how I was taking advantage of the situation.

Whatever they said made me feel bad.  I was 8 years old and I think it was shame.  Shame for doing something that someone else thought was wrong.  I never pulled that move again.

At around the same age, inside the Safeway that had the merry-go-round outside, I was shopping with my Mother and there was a change box above the candy bin where if you put in a nickel in you were allowed to take a sample.  My Mother told me to just take a piece of candy and not worry about it, so I did.  Soon after, tired of shopping, I went outside to wait for her in the car with my Dad.  The store manager followed me out, approached my Father and told him that I took a piece of candy without paying my nickel.  My Dad yelled at me, saying something about being disappointed.  For whatever reason, I couldn’t get the words out to tell him that Mom said it was ok.  I just sat in the back seat, scolded.  My Dad said he wouldn’t tell my Mother because she’d be too upset.