I was playing 5/10 at the Wynn.  An older reg bet into me on the river -- I tank called.  No idea what the hands were.  My call was right and as the dealer was pushing me the pot I said to the guy, "Nice bet."  He politely acknowledged me, but didn't reply.

I NEVER do that.  It's a stupid thing to say.  He bets, I call and win, and as I'm scooping his money I tell him he made a good bet? I legitimately don't remember another time saying that to someone, ever.

That night, in his suite at the Wynn, the older reg shot and killed himself.  Did it have to do with my comment?  Eh, probably not.  But I assume the guy had a gambling problem and I didn't help.  Of course, it could have been life in general that did him in.

I can't help but think about how poker players are just as bad as casinos though.  We create a fun environment.  We act like we are best friends with the fish just like casino hosts do.  We cater to the fish until the fish has no money left.

I heard about a poker player committing suicide last week and it made me think of the guy at the Wynn. I guess I started out writing about that and took a turn on the "poker players are scummy" street.  Are we scummy though?  Is poker a scummy profession?

I understand why someone would kill themselves.  This place can be a nightmare.  And people will tell you that if you're feeling suicidal to seek help, but being your own mental health advocate is an impossible task. It's like asking someone with a broken legs to walk to the doctor.  

Cliffs: Poker, suicide, scummy, life.