I was playing with a guy high on ecstasy and who knows what else who broke down at the table.  He was crying and talking to himself.  He had 150k of dead money in front of him.  The table, all regulars, were torn. Should we keep playing or quit him knowing he will 100% go to the pit and dust off all of his chips?

I wanted to stay.  I justified my choice because I knew what the result would be if the game ended.  I told myself that if I were at a home game, in a hotel room or somewhere without a casino, I would quit.  I would encourage the guy to go home and play another day. 

One by one the other players began racking up.  There were 3 of us regulars that wanted to stay but we were overruled.  I was the last to go. 

The action player went straight to the pit and in less than an hour lost all of what he had.  The next day the other players in the game regretted their decision to leave.

I was ok with being ok playing with a crying, unstable man trying to give away his money.  I didn’t even think twice about it.  Ruthless?  Maybe.  The truth?   Yes.