Throughout the years I have often travelled with another advantage player named Hua.  Hua is older, Asian and not always the easiest to communicate with.  It's an English is my first language versus English is his second language kind of thing.  He also can't give a straight answer to a simple question.  There is no word for how frustrating it is when texts are being fired back and forth regarding playing conditions and your partner can't keep up. 

No word.

We had a trip set up one month in advance and the day before Hua tried to cancel on me. He was fighting with his fiancé he said.  Could we go another time?

No! We couldn't.  Our destination was ripe with opportunity.  I had blocked off time from my schedule.  We were going!

He tried to cancel again the morning of.  

"Are you sure you don't want to reschedule?" he texted me.

"No.  Go get on the plane."

We met at our destination airport, rented a car and set out on an hour or so drive.  Hua's fiancé was new; she hadn't been around for the decade that I had known Hua and she didn't know me.  More than that, she had no idea what "advantage gambling" was.  And Hua, being the worst communicator in the history of communicators couldn't have explained it well.

The entire trip Hua was getting texts from the fiancé asking if he was winning.  Unfortunately for everyone involved, we weren't.  We were tired, we were losing and we were working our 3rd straight shift when Hua and his fiancé had it out on the phone.

"If I don't come home a winner," Hua said, "There's gonna be problems." 

Well, nobody won that trip except the casino.  Hua and I lost 10k.  Sure, we made tens of thousands in EV but try explaining that to a non-gambling, hard-working civilian who knows the value of a dollar. Losing 5k probably sounded like a million to her.

A couple days after the trip ended and Hua and I were back home, he text me to let me know it was really over between the two of them.  She didn't understand the situation of going on a trip with a strange (adorable) girl to a far away casino to gamble because we had a "system" to win.

I offered to talk to her.

"Let her call me or email me," I pleaded.  I didn't want to see them break up.  

"You're the worst explainer in the world Hua, I'll fix it."

She didn't take him up on the offer to talk to me and the wedding was called off.  She didn't want to be married to a degenerate.  She would never know that Hua was really a highly skilled, advantage gambling, ninja who had made at least a million dollars beating casinos at their own games.  

Poor Hua.  Lucky in cards...