You guys, I’m still reeling from that freaking haircut I got.  I can’t let it stop me from producing high quality content though, I just can’t.

I added an option to subscribe to this blog.  Now I can send you a heads-up email when I write a post so you won’t forget about me and what we mean to each other. 

I won’t ever let you forget about me.  Nobody will love you like I love you. 

We’ve all been in that relationship, am I right?

Pilates is going fine, thanks for asking.  Yes, I’m still walking; I'm up to 20 miles a week now.  I’ve also added a fanny pack/water holder and wrist weights. 

There’s a lot we can say about that.  Just going to leave it alone though.

I’ve been watching Andrew Neeme’s poker vlogs on YouTube.  I can’t watch a video or listen to a podcast usually for more than 2 minutes and 15 seconds.  I either turn it off or fast forward through it, but I’m managing to get through his entire episodes.  I recommend them if you play low to medium stakes live poker, or especially if you want to.

I’ve never met Andrew and he didn’t ask me to write that.  Pretty sure he reads this though.


Alright, I’ve promoted this site, talked health and threw in an advertisement. 

Yup, bang up job of a post I’d say.  If this is your first time here and you’d like to read more keep scrolling or check out the fun stuff over in the archives.

Peace out.