tactful, per usual

I’ve been thinking about writing a screenplay.  It’s going to be about a guy named Casey, but everyone calls him “Case” and he’s wandering through life, playing low-limit poker to pay the bills.  Anyway, everything starts falling apart for the guy; he has family problems, maybe someone dies, his girlfriend leaves him, you know all the normal stuff.  Then the final shoe falls when he’s playing on his last dollar, “case money” you might say and he gets all-in with the nuts only to be rivered by a 1-outer, the “case deuce.”

You see what I did there?  His name is Case and then all this stuff happens with the case this and the case that.  I signed up for a screenplay writing course online so I can hash this baby out. I’m not worried about someone stealing this idea because…

A) Do you think there’s anyone else reading this? (I'm honestly surprised you've made it this far.)

B) I’m trademarking my meal-ticket right here:

This blog was a battle between the screenplay idea and that one time I sat in someone’s pee. Once I re-read the latter I realized it was only worth two, maybe three sentences.

Lately I’m addicted to eating tic-tacs.  My poor teeth.

Someone on Twitter joked that tic-tacs were code for Xanax.  You ever take Xanax?  I can’t remember a single detail about anything I do when I take one.  Nothing.  Eventually I pass out and sleep for 12 hours.  It’s ok.  I mean I'm not going to turn any down if someone's offering.

(You still with me?)

I haven’t gambled this week and I don’t have much to say in that department.  Next week though, I’ve X’d out my schedule so I can get a lot of hours in.  I’m sure something interesting will come of it.  And if not I’ll twist nothing into the most compelling post you’ve ever read.