the secret

Was a busy week of gambling but not much of interest happened.  Got a good number of hours in, grinded out a decent amount, but besides that I’ve got nothing.  No funny anecdotes.  No amusing tales from the tables.

I feel like a failure, man.

I did have a dealer tell me I was older than her mother.  She either did the math wrong or her mother had her in junior high, which I guess is possible.  I just hoped we didn’t get a couple of all-ins with multiple side pots going for everyone’s sake.

Gambling wasn’t that thrilling this week, but life is.  I’ve got things brewing.  Bigly things.  I feel good stuff coming my way.

Or maybe I don’t but I’m doing that law of attraction thing.  You know that thing for people of privilege to do where you think of what you want and then you get it.  It’s for people of privilege you see because people with privilege have opportunity.  It only works for people with opportunity.  For example, those getting bombed in Syria today aren’t thinking, “Please bomb us.”  No, they are thinking, “Please DON’T bomb us.”  But because they are not people of privilege, people with opportunity, it won’t work for them.  Follow?

I used to be all into motivational quotes and putting out into the world what I wanted hoping to get it back.  But then I grew up and realized it’s all bullshit.  All of it.  It only works out for people who are born into or stumble upon opportunity.  If you’re a female in a small village in Nigeria for example, you’re shit out of luck.  If you’re an orphan in Haiti, too bad for you.  What you say?  You want to be a doctor when you grow up?  Good luck with that.  Get adopted or sponsored by an American with privilege who can give you opportunity and then maybe you have a chance.  Without that, no motivational quote will help you.*

Alright, enough of this.  Back to my reality where today I went to get a pedicure and the girl took too long.  Tough life I’ve got.


*Few and far between there are exceptions, but let's be real.