I made a bet with a friend once that he couldn't lose 60 pounds in 9 months.  It was for 10k.  I didn't feel good about making the bet because I really wanted him to reach his goal.  Instead of calling the bet off, I called his wife and said, "Hey, why don't you "bet" 10k versus me on the other side and not tell your husband? That way neither one of us can lose and maybe he will be tempted to lose weight?"

She said no.  She didn't want her husband to think that she didn't believe in him.  I probably should have called it off.  In the end, I won the money.  It didn't really hurt our friendship, I don't think.  But looking back it was just a dumb thing to do.  And also now that I'm walking around with a few extra stones on me, I can relate to the difficulty of losing pounds which I couldn't before... Which actually reminds me, last year I almost made a sizable bet (more than 10k) that I could lose more weight (percentage wise) than a guy I know.  It didn't go through, but I can't help but wonder if I would have won because as it stands now if I had made a bet I would have lost miserably.  Unless the bet was made on "Opposite Day."  If it had been on Opposite Day I would have crushed it.   

When I was little I used to say it was opposite day and then tell someone that I loved them. Then I'd scream, "OPPOSITE DAY!"  I can't be the only one who did that, right?

I used to love this freaking video.  It opened up the door for mainstream female singers to do duets with rappers.  Not kidding.