what you don't know

A few years ago I was on Poker Night In America. I was never invited back. It may have something to do with me not talking much. I generally don't talk a lot at the table but knowing that this was for TV and lively table banter was what the producers wanted, I made a mental note to chat it up.

Working against me though was Seat 1.  Seat 1 wouldn't shut the fuck up. The entire time we played, he would not shut the fuck up. I can't over state how much he wouldn't shut the fuck up. Not one to yell over him, my goal of chatting it up wasn't met and I mostly just sat there and silently turned straights and rivered full houses.  

On break one of the people associated with PNIA said to me "You sure don't talk much."  I said something about it hard to get a word in but the PNIA guy was already walking away. 

Also on break, Seat 1 told me he had a debt collection business. He collected debts that were written off and at this point in the game if the borrower didn't pay they wouldn't face any repercussions. I questioned him how it was that he was able to collect if that was the case.  He said, "Well they don't know that."

Seat 1 is now serving 8 years in jail for the largest debt collection scheme in US history.  

I'm not happy about his circumstance, jail probably sucks.  I'm just taken back with how vocal he was about the scheme.  A lot of interesting characters in this here poker world.